My name is Anna Máthé, a certified health psychologist and PhD student. Currently I am in the process of earning my PhD at the Doctoral School of Neuroscience, Faculty of General Medicine; University of Debrecen. The core of my research topic is inflammatory biomarkers and their connection to patients diagnosed with schizophrenia and psychoaffective disorders. Research, looking for answers, and having a multidisciplinary approach and mindset are all part of my current everyday life. Near future plans include professional training and the acquisition of several therapeutic methods.

I find it extremely important for my clients to be able to open up in an environment they feel safe in, giving them empathy and unconditional acceptance. Every human being has a deeply treasured soul, that during our lives can run into set backs from time to time. These can be completely natural processes, but they still affect us.

With my help, we can work together unlocking the depth of your soul, while being in a supportive setting. Recognition, and the knowledge of ourselves, is power. The deeper we know ourselves, the more we are able to accept our imperfections and thus improve the love we have for our being.

SERVICES – What can i help you with?

After spending the majority of my childhood in the United Kingdom, and one year as a foreign exchange student in the United States of America, I speak English at a native level. This is the reason why I also take clients in English. In this case, it is necessary to indicate this need at pre-registration. I look forward to helping anyone, who feel they can’t solve a problem on their own and want to seek psychological help. During these supportive conversations, my goal is to provide an accepting atmosphere, as well as building trust with my clients; this is the only way to work together in the long run.

IMPORTANT! I do not deal with mental disorders and their treatment during my sessions; in this case, please seek the help of a clinical psychologist!



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